Evaluation of Parental Survey: Outdoor Learning Area

Question 1

Practical, hands on learning outdoors should be an important and regular part of children’s education.

  1. Strongly agree          16
  2. Agree                         4
  3. Not sure
  4. Disagree
  5. Strongly disagree


Mud and children are a perfect combination.

Fresh air and outdoor activities are very important. Only time I take a step back is when the weather is bad as my daughter falls ill easily.

I think it helps them understand how to interact with others practically and be creative.


Question 2

Do you feel our outdoor area could be improved,  and if so how ?

  1. Strongly agree           1
  2. Agree                        10
  3. Not Sure                     8
  4. Disagree
  5. Strongly disagree


It could possibly benefit from a climbing frame or slide, like the indoor version.

I’m a believer in less is more in the garden! I wouldn’t like to see more equipment as such.

Add more equipment.

Not 100% sure which outdoor area you use.

I have only seen the garden in winter, so not sure what it looks like inn Spring/Summer /Autumn.

Not sure what toys you have for out there. The garden looks fine with different areas for playing. Perhaps addition of a climbing frame or chute would be good.

My daughter wants to see wild life i.e.the mentioned worms, frogs etc

It is very good already, can’t think of anything more.

More equipment, better layout, clearer designated areas, more colour.

It doesn’t have a swing or a seesaw.

Maybe a small flower/veg(peas etc) patch for kids to plant seasonal flowers learning about nature, gardening and food.

A little outdoor classroom of sorts. Trees trimmed back. Raised planters.

Some more equipment such as a jungle gym would be good. An area for the children to plant herbs.

Maybe a little more enterainment.

More access to pedal bikes/trikes, scooter:_ maybe cones to section off the part of the church car park. Slide. Things to attract wildlife? Bird feeders. But I feel the garden is very good, like the plants, strawberries.

I think the children would benefit from a climbing frame with slide. The trees also need trimming back and the decking area looks very slippery and could do with rubber matting.

Make an area to attract more wildlife into the garden e.g. wildflowers to attract butterflies. Bird houses, bird feeders, hedgehog houses, bug hotels. Also some weather instruments e.g. Rain gage.

I think it needs a bit of maintance, a good gardening path and some more activities.


Question 3

Do you think a Garden Committee would be beneficial to the Nursery to provide opportunities for Parental Involvement?

  1. Strongly Agree  2
  2. Agree                8
  3. Not Sure           9
  4. Disagree           1
  5. Strongly disagree


Think the current committee could deal with this.

Not sure as we had one at my kid’s last nursery and it didn’t work. Too much talking, not much acting. (**)

I think perhaps incorporating some duties when needed into the tidy up rota would be an idea. It would also be simple to implement.

I think it is a good idea but I’m not sure what the aims and objectives are.

It will mean the garden will be more updated regularly.

If parents are available.

Would take pressure off staff to improve the garden area.

I’m sure this would be beneficial in terms of getting parents involved. Especially if the parent has an interest or experience in the outdoors. I don’t think a formal committee is required though.



Question 4

Would you be willing to be part of the Garden Committee? Please circle.

Yes                    6

                         1 on a part-time basis

No                     7

                        Only due to lack of time

                        For the above reason(**) although happy to provide suggestions, help                                            raise funds etc.

                      I don’t think a committee is really required but I do think a couple of tidy up duties a week would improve the area.

                      Sorry, due to work commitments.

                      Not really got the time and gardening isn’t really my thing. Would get involved in something more in my area. My daughter’s Dad would love to but works through the week.

Question 5

How would you be able to contribute? (Resources, sharing knowledge, time, hands on……)


My husband and I would be happy to help out in our spare time. Use of Richard’s gardening equipment.

Time and hands on

Sharing knowledge. Help in garden and creativity ideas.

Time, hands on and anything else you may need.

Time, hands on, ideas ,research.

Hands on, love pottering in the garden

Yes, one morning a week, hands on help with planting and maintaining plants/veg.

Happy to tidy it up when asked.

I can help with ideas, possibly ask a client (gardening services from a company based in Barrhead) to take a look and maybe give some suggestions.

Resources, sharing knowledge


I would be willing to help maintain a nice garden area.


Question 6

Which best describes our outdoor learning area ______?

  1. Very good- full of creativity, learning and fun…..                    2
  2. Good- with some nice features for learning and play              10

                                                                                                 5 with comments

  1. Average- nothing to write home about                                     1

                                                                                                2 with comments

  1. Poor- little thought given to encouraging healthy play or outdoor learning


I like the herb garden, my son enjoyed cutting chives.

What I have seen so far in the winter only, looks good. I would be able to comment in more detail if I see it in Spring/summer/autumn.

I think having a plant/veg area the kids could maintain would be good. Perhaps a brightly coloured fence. A summer house/shed with windows…..might be good for play and storage?

I think the garden is fine and a good place for the children to play in the nice weather. Perhaps a veg patch and some sports equipment e.g. goals or chute/swings could be added. My daughter enjoys the garden area.

One suggestion---provide nursery branded outdoor suits for playing outside. This worked well at the nursery we used in Burnside.

Another suggestion—A gardening morning for kids/parents/ grandparents-to break the back of any work required. Also a ‘Design a bird box/bird bath/scarecrow’ competition. Also kids pottery craft that can be used outside or welly boot planters—kids could decorate them.


It is a lovely space that with right resources could be a great place for the children to learn.

Sorry! But compared to other nurseries outdoor areas it is needing work.


Evaluation of Child Survey-Outdoor learning area

  1. Do you like playing in the garden (outdoor area)?

Yes-----21                         I love looking for bugs

  1. Do you think the garden could be better?


 By having a Pterosaur slide

 Bubble machine, Climbing frame, New football, vegetable patch

            Make it bigger

 I want trucks and trampoline in the garden


 Make the fence look pretty. See saw, slide, more toys, more gardening toys.


Doll house needs cleaning

It needs a better climbing tree

Climbing frame

Slide, climbing logs

Football, place to kick a ball. I would like to see a plane in the garden, flowers and toys.

Slide, swings

I would like a slide in the garden

Decorating it with butterflies

I would like to have see-saw, swings and cars.

Possibly more gardening activities

Wants a trampoline and swings and slide


  1. Is there a big enough space to run around and play with your friends?

Yes ---18


Wants more space.


  1. Is there enough for you to do in the garden?


 There is only a climbing toy and tree

But more tunnels would be nice



  1. Do you like playing in the garden when it’s raining?


No---10       My hands get freezing. Even when it’s windy.

Yes/No—1  Snow—yes       Rain--no

  1. What is your favourite thing to do in the garden?

Climbing the tree

Playing with the steering wheel

Get messy! Climb the trees

Dolls house

Finding creatures

The mud kitchen

Caterpillar, run

Run, explore

I like to play with my friend in garden, playing football and plant flowers.

I like to climb on the walls

Climbing trees

Playing in the snow

Playing campfires with ‘the hole’!

I don’t know

I play with my friends in the garden

Have snack outside

Playing with mud

Playing with my friends

Throw the ice on the road


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